The time has come, you've worked hard, and now Italy is calling your name.  You want this trip to be everything you've dreamed of and an investment that will provide you with many happy memories for the years to come.  

    Pitigliano, GR

Sorano, GR


San Marino, Republic of San Marino

You know you only have a specific amount of time to spend and yet the list is long and you're wondering where do we start, how much can I possibly fit in?  Let us help you tailor make an itinerary that will be personalised to create the vacation experience that suits you.  From the time you decide to rise in the morning until the sun sets in evening let's paint a picture that comes to life in the days you spend basking in the Tuscan sun, or floating down a Venitian canal, or standing within the walls of a Colosseum nearly 2000 years old reflecting on it's amazing history or maybe meandering through the narrow streets of a village where the scent of fresh washing wafts through the breeze.  You choose the adventure that suits you and we plan the itinerary that makes the dream come alive. Contact us today and let's get started!

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"Your website was useful for information and car hire know how, so thank you very much."
                                         Anne and Maurie - Newcastle, NSW, Australia

 "....We are greatly appreciative to ‘Italy and Beyond’ for their travel planning recommendation with San Gimignano as this was our favorite place in Italy!!! ......

                                               Jennie and Leo – Sydney, NSW,  Australia 

"I want to tell you, for me, Italy makes me grateful, it brings me to life - I appreciate the beauty around me, I marvel at the history and the buildings, I get thankful for my awesome life when I look in the eyes of the Gypsy woman begging on the street with her children in tow and my heart opens with love and compassion.  My suggestion is that while you are there don't let an opportunity to embrace the real you pass, allow yourself to love, to smile, to laugh, to breathe and take in the amazing culture and spirit of the place.   Be a little crazy - do something random and nice for someone you don't even know - you'll be surprised how many friends you have there! "   
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